We are happy to announce that an article on our study on concrete testers is now available at, an established resource for construction industries.

“A Study on Estimating Concrete Compressive Strength by Mechanical Impedance” is an in-depth analysis of the theoretical background of reactive mechanical impedance measurement and results of laboratory and field tests on compressive strength estimation of concrete.

Click the link below for the whole article.

New product Release: We will launch CTS-03 BOLT-Tester in the US market later in July.  By simply tapping bolts or nuts with a dedicated hammer, the BOLT-Tester measures the waveforms of rebound force by a built-in impulsive accelerometer. If the reactive motion is considered as elastic behavior, bolts or nuts are evaluated as integrity while plastic behavior is evaluated as non-integrity so that you can find the loosening of bolt & nuts. Please find the details

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly-designed website for CTS-02v4, the latest version of the most accurate Non-Destructive Concrete Tester and Surveyor and CTS-03 BOLT-Tester (new product) that is used for integrity testing for chemical anchor bolts and for detecting loosening of bolt & nuts.