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CTS-03 BOLT-Tester


CTS-03 BOLT-Tester

The BOLT-Tester is used for integrity testing for chemical anchor bolts, bolts, and nuts of steel bridges. BOLT-Tester is based on the CTS-03 USB device as the measuring device and it works with Windows PC. All measured data is stored in the PC. 


The CTS-03 is a USB measuring device composed of the preamplifier for ICP type accelerometer and AD converter used for non-destructive testing of concrete strength called mechanical impedance method. 

CTS-03 BOLT-Tester Applications

• Construction management of chemical anchor 

• Anchor bolt testing 

• Wheel bolts testing  

Functions of BOLT-Tester on CTS-03

By simply tapping bolts or nuts with a dedicated hammer, BOLT-Tester measures the waveforms of rebound force by a built-in impulsive accelerometer. If the reactive motion is considered as elastic behavior, bolts, or nuts are evaluated as integrity while plastic behavior is evaluated as non-integrity. 


BOLT-Tester is developed for the integrity testing of chemical anchor bolts. However, it is also widely applicable for the integrity testing of any bolts and nuts such as construction bolts, wheel studs, etc. 


CTS-03 BOLT-Tester Specifications

BOLT-Tester Components




Power supply:



380 mm x 190 mm x 90 mm

420g with an impulsive accelerometer

waveform of impact acceleration


Stored in PC as text data

Dedicated storage case CD ROM (installer, device driver, and application software) & measuring manual

BOLT-Tester consists of a dedicated hammer with an impulsive accelerometer, CTS-03 USB device, and the application software which works on Windows 7 and later. 

Users can add other application programs on the PC to use CT5-03 for various purposes. For more information, contact us. 

Application Program

The application program of Bolt-Tester works on Microsoft Windows OS. The software is provided as CD which includes the device driver of CTS-03, Bolt-Tester Application, and installation Program. After copying the contents of CD into your Windows PC, run the installer. The application program also can be used with tablet computers with Windows OS.


BOLT-Tester Measurement Theory

When the anchor bolt is securely installed,  the elastic deformation of the bolt generated by the hammer blow is immediately recovered. The higher of  bolt integrity is, the more elastic modulus becomes. On the other hand, at low integrity, the plastic deformation is caused by the adhesive. It causes lower stiffness of bolt structure and deformation of the waveform by a hammer blow. In addition, if the bonding strength of the bolt and concrete is weak, the bolt moves toward the bottom of the anchor hole then the bolt strikes the concrete body. This sequence generates a unique waveform which shows two peaks. BOLT-Tester detects the integrity of the bolt by analyzing the waveform of the hammer blow.

The waveform of the Integrity Bolt

The waveform of the integrity bolt shows one peak, and it is almost symmetric. If the condition of the bolt is not perfect, the waveform may show slight disturbance, however, the waveform still shows one peak unless it has enough bonding strength. 


The Waveform with Slight Plastic Deformation

The reactive force against the hammer blow will be delayed by a short amount of time. Accordingly, the peak of the waveform will be shown a little wider. 

The waveform of the Non-Integrity BoIt

The reactive force against the hammer blow delays obviously, then the waveforms will show two peaks.

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