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CTS-02 Concrete Testing Hammer vs.

Other Testing Procedures and Tools

Drawbacks of Other Concrete Testing Systems and Procedures:

Rebound Hammers

  • Surface deterioration causes inaccurate measurement 

  • Conducting a test properly takes practices. Measured data needs to be modified by applying coefficients 

  • Concrete surfaces need to be ground before testing 


Hammer Blow Sounding Method

  • Hammer-blow sounds needs to be analyzed by a specialist 

  • Results are shown  "Poor" or "Not Poor"

  • No numerical data can be obtained 

Advantages of CTS-02:

CTS-02 Concrete Tester

  • No special skills required - as easy and highly accurate as the hammer blow sounding method conducted by a very skilled specialist 

  • Much higher accuracy than using a rebound hammer 

  • Equal to iTECS technology at detecting deterioration

  • Real-time detection and localization of defects

  • Cost effective 

support image 1.png

Cost Comparison:

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 1.49.42 PM.png

Testing Cost



  • Concrete surface grinding not included  (required for the rebound hammer method)

  • Cost may vary by testing conditions

  • Based on labor rates in Japan

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