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Deformation Inspection for a Precast Concrete Bridge

Purpose of Test

In order to prevent accidents from falling concrete, a soundness assessment was conducted at an overpass. The superstructure of this bridge is composed of 15 precast T-shape girders. In this case study, CTS-02v4 was used to detect delamination of the girders and slabs.

measurement target diagram
Figure 1: Measurement Target
measurement lines diagram
Figure 2: Measurement Lines

Measurement Procedure

All girders and slabs were tested during this assessment as shown in the Figure 1. 12 measurement lines were set for each girder and two measurement lines were set for each slab as shown in Figure 2. Measurement points were arranged at a constant pitch (100mm) for each line.

Results of the Test

As the result of the assessment by CTS-02v4, it was confirmed that the grinders had no defects. However, delaminated areas were detected in some area of the slabs between G3 - G4 and G4 – G5 as shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4. Based on the result of this assessment, these defected slabs were repaired with minimal costs as inspection narrowed down the area needing repair.

*Red areas with square show where measurement was not conducted due to obstructions.

Figure 3: Measurement result of slab (BP side)

Figure 4: Measurement result of slab (EP side)

Advantage of CTS-02v4

The hammer sounding test is the most common method for testing delaminated concrete. However, test results of the hammer sounding test are subjective and depend on judgement of an inspector. CTS02-v4 was used in this case since it provides objective and impartial test results and is not dependent on the inspector's skill or experience.

Nitto CTS Vol 2
Download PDF • 323KB

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