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The CTS-02 Concrete Tester checks the strength of fresh or mature concrete with greater precision and speed than conventional rebound hammers. Easy-to-calibrate, the CTS-02 requires only seconds of setup time

and records & analyzes data 2x faster than other rebound hammers.

Applying a gentle waveform of impact force at the point of hammer and concrete contact,

the CTS-02 reads concrete with unprecedented precision and even detects previously unreadable defects.

The CTS-03 BOLT-Tester is used for integrity testing for chemical anchor bolts and other types of bolts in the construction industry.

CTS-03 shows the waveforms of rebound force by a built-in impulsive accelerometer

so that loosening of the bolts can be detected non-destructively.



The revolutionary CTS-02V4 is a multi-functional,

highly accurate portable concrete testing tool

  • Estimates strength of normal to high strength concrete

  • Transfers results directly to PC via USB

  • Quantifies deterioration rate of concrete surface

  • Detects delamination

  • Pre-calibrated. NO additional calibration tools required


  • Construction and Maintenance

  • Deterioration detection of concrete used on bridges and highways 

  • Concrete structure testing

  • Concrete reinforcement

  • Concrete evaluation and verification



The CTS-03 BOLT-Tester is used for integrity testing for various types of bolts and nuts

  • Integrity testing for bolts and nuts of steel bridges and chemical anchor bolts 

  • Non-destructive

  • Works with Windows PC and all measured data is stored in the PC


  • Construction management of chemical anchor

  • Anchor bolt testing 

  • Wheel bolts testing  

  • Bolts testing in car wheels and railways

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